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In my research, I address the following questions: (1) How do we learn, understand, and retain information, specifically in applied real-world contexts? I recently focus here on the acquisition of educationally meaningful information in secondary and tertiary education. (2) How can we support (self-regulated) learning by means of retrieval practice, interleaved practice, and generative learning (e.g., journal writing)? (3) What are the cognitive, metacognitive, and motivational mechanisms underlying these learning techniques and instructional principles? (4) How can we implement them in and through educational technologies (e.g., digital learning platforms, instructional videos)? To address these research questions, I aim to integrate perspectives and methodologies across the research domains of instructional design, technology-enhanced learning, and cognition. I am enthusiastic about open and transparent science.

Studenten, die Prüfungen


I am interested in how we learn and remember events. In particular, I examine ways how to improve our memory performance in terms of various learning techniques (e.g., retrieval practice, motor enactment, verbal production).


Jennifer Rusted

Torsten Schubert

Fredrik Jönsson

Tobias Tempel

Robert Gaschler

Reinhard Beyer

Lebensmittel einkaufen


In our everyday life, we need to plan, coordinate, and monitor multiple activities at the same time. With advancing technology, new forms of media (e.g., smart phones, WhatsApp) constantly evolve that multiply the demands to communicate and to work simultaneously. I am particularly interested in understanding the individual/age-related differences and components of this distinct human capacity to multi-task.


Andrea Frick

Claudia von Bastian

Torsten Schubert

Timo Mäntylä

Marius Zimmermann

Dietrich Manzey

Jovita Brüning

kreative Gedanken


I am interested in how we monitor and control our learning (i.e., metacognition). In particular, I examine how far learners can appreciate the related mnemonic benefits.


Hannah Hausmann

Fredrik Jönsson

Andreas Jemstedt

Bennett Schwartz

Matthew Rhodes

Martin Riemer


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